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TEXCARBON CO., LTD is an enterprise dedicated to the production and development of carbon fiber products with more than 10 years experience. Our product line includes carbon fiber sheets/plates, carbon fiber tubes, carbon fiber CNC processing parts, carbon fiber molding products, carbon fiber shaped products for special customization, CNC aluminum alloy high precision parts, RC drones& aircraft carbon fiber solution, aluminum alloy parts and electrical insulation processing parts.

As we mentioned in the KMOWLEDGE, the CARBON FIBER are mainly used in precision parts of automobile upgrade accessories, unmanned aircraft parts, RC drone frame kits, RC car models , carbon fiber handicrafts, carbon fiber shaped parts by molding, medical application devices, sporting equipments, decorective parts, household equipments and other DIY industries. We are partners and project solution providers in these industries for many years.

Our Advantage

*Our factory has more than 1,500 square meters of carbon fiber production workshop, 1,000 square meters of CNC machining center, and 5 reliable partners nearby.

*There are three senior development engineers, production engineers, and more than 50 workshop masters and workers in our factory.

*Quick response mechanism under strict production rules.

    Stock samples are shipped in the same day, regular non-stock samples are shipped within 3-5 days;

    Customized samples for molding are shipped within 30 days;

    Regular orders are shipped within 7-10 days.

*Our engineers assist customers in drawing, modifying drawings, and layout on PC before production.


—October 2010

Founded in October 2010, our company committed to developing high quality carbon fiber parts for RC quadcopters, hexacopters, car and helicopter accessories, as well as the process of drilling, molding, CNC processing.

June 2012

With the expansion of processing business, we added the first 500 square meters of production line, although the place is small, but we strive to do fine and strong, to provide customers with excellent quality products

June 2014

Skyrotors Model Technology Co., Ltd was registered with relocating our factory to Gongming Town, Guangming District, Shenzhen in this year, carbon fiber production area reached 1500 square meters, CNC center area reached 1000 square meters, 12 precision instrument equipment and more and more sufficient technician engineers were added to improve the process. So far, there were 4 large-scale production lines including carbon fiber sheet, carbon fiber tube, CNC processing centers.

March 2015

We have successfully passed ISO9001-2008 quality management system certification, quality is guaranteed and the qualified rate is closed to 100%.

Apirl 2016

We continue to cultivate in the UAV market, provide high quality product processing and service for many RC drones manufacturers, and provide practical semi-finished products for dozens of well-known drones manufacturers in China.

August 2017

Our Foreign Trade Department was established in the same year, we participated in Shanghai& Beijing Composited Exhibitions, and has been welcomed and recognized by many foreign customers, cooperating with customers from more than 20 countries overseas.

May 2018

In order to focus more on the carbon fiber market, We change our company name to TEXCARBON as our new brand, and won the annual TOP 20 enterprise of new material industry in good material selection activities in China.

June 2020

Under the impact of the epidemic, the global economy continues to be depressed, industries are stagnant, we have also been affected, but we have achieved a steady 5% year-on-year growth in performance, we believe that this must be the best reward for our persistence in quality and service.

We can provide a variety of carbon fiber products with high demand and high standards as well as personalized products CNC cutting according to customer’s drawings, and provide one-stop CNC processing services such as molding, grinding, drilling, and chamfering for our customers.
"Quality first, service first, and reasonable price" is our consistent tenet, "Providing high-quality, efficient and fast service" to each customer as the guide, and establishing a long-term partnership with each customer to achieve a win-win situation as the ultimate goal.



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